A green-eyed ruddy golden Abyssinian cat Origins
Even though there is no strong evidence to support this, it is considered that Abyssinian cats have the Egyptian origin. Their prominent appearance resembles murals and sculptures of cats found in Egypt. It is also widely knows that Egyptians were worshiping cats.
Scientific studies show that Abyssinian might have Southeast Asian origins. Their genetics is close to breeds inhabiting the coast of the Indian Ocean.
The mysterious origin of Abyssinian cats gives rise to many myths and stories while the first records of Abyssinian cat were found in a 1876 book, named Cats: Their Points and Characteristics, With Curiosities of Cat Life, and a Chapter on Feline Ailments (London: Dean & Smith). The breed was cultivated to its modern appearance and personality for years with a major setback during World War II. Undoubtedly, the modern Abyssinian resembles the ancient Egyptian breed.

Abyssinian cats personality reiterate their appearance. These cats are curious, playful and independent by nature. Nevertheless, minding their curiosity, Abyssinian cats show interest in the owner's life and often ready for interactions with humans. They might be following the owner around the home and enjoying a time in the same room, however, aside.
These cats are no humble wallflowers. They are playful show-off and you will find them playing or even resting in the least expected places be it under a cover or on a cupboard. Days with Abyssinian cats are never the same and always bright, full of fun and giggles.

Physical appearance
Abyssinian cats have gorgeous sleek ticked coat. Their hair is a mix of lighter and darker bands with dark tips. Exactly this feature gives them their recognizable and remarkable look. Abyssinian cats are medium size cats with well-developed muscles. Their face has oriental features and distinctive almond-shaped eyes of green or gold color.
The overall appearance reminds a graceful oriental cat with a few feral features which emphasize their gracefulness and royal-like look.

As Abyssinian cats are active cats, they exercise pretty often fulfilling the need while playing and exploring their domain. Therefore, they should not be restricted to exercise. Abyssinian cat breed is receptive to dental issues as gingivitis and tooth decay. They are also hereditarily predisposed to amyloidosis.

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