Crystal Burmese


Cinnamon and fawn coated Burmese kittensOrigins
According to the legend, the Burmese cats are descendants of cats that were worshiped in Burma (Myanmar) long ago. Nevertheless, their establishment as a breed started in 1930s with a female cat named Wong Mau.
The cat was transported from Burma to USA by Dr. Joseph Thompson for breeding purposes. As Dr. Thompson had only the female cat, he paired her with a Siamese cat named Tai Mau. As Tai Mau was a seal-point, only a few kittens were brown. Exactly these kittens were selected for further breeding work.
The Burmese were registered in CFA in 1936 but not for long as hybrid Burmese cats imported from Burma flooded USA ad CFA was forced to pull back the registration. Only in 1953, the Burmese were recognized as a breed once again.

The Burmese are active, affectionate and intelligent cats. Female cats are more playful while males are calmer.
Burmese cats are pretty much talkative, they are not shy in vocalizing to humans. Some say that they behave like dogs and even can fetch a ball for you.
Moreover, these cats are true gourmet. So, make sure your Burmese isn't overeating.

Physical appearance

There are two standards of the Burmese – European Burmese and American Burmese. The European Burmese are slim, have longer bodies, large ears, almond-shaped eyes and triangle-shaped heads. While the American Burmese have round eyes, shorter body and shorter muzzle.
All Burmese cats are solid only, it means that there are no Burmese cats with patterns. Cats or red colors might have pattern though, however, due to genetic peculiarities of the red color only.

The European and the American Burmese have differences in health. The European Burmese are predisposed to diabetes mellitus while the American Burmese not. There are also hereditary predispositions to such conditions as hypokalaemia and feline orofacial pain syndrome.
Generally, the Burmese cats have a lifespan of 10-17 years and as in case of any other cat, they require annual wellness exams and well-balanced diet.

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