Maine Coon

A black silver tabby Maine Coon catOrigins
Even though the origins of the Maine Coons are clouded, their known history starts in the colonial period of America which makes them one of the oldest American breeds. There are many stories of the Main Coon origins while the most trustworthy is a story about Captain Coon who imported the first ever Main Coon cat to America in 1700s.
The Main Coon breed was recognized in 19th century and was highly popular till an import of other cat breeds increased in 20th century. One of the earliest representatives known to the cat fanciers organizations was Leo, a Main Coon male who won cat shows a few times in 1895-1899.
The breed started confidently regaining its fame in 1960s and takes a well deserved place of one of the most popular cat breeds as of 2020.

The Maine Coons are friendly, easy-going and loyal cats. They bond well with other pets and might be a great friend for a kid. They are playful and have great hunting skills and some of them like swimming.
These cats are fond of humans and affectionate, though they might be cautious with strangers.

Physical appearance
The Maine Coons are large in size with a heavy muscular body and long waterproof coat. The coat can be of any available color and patters, it’s soft and moderately thick.
Their face is square-shaped, with big eyes and ears. Their facial expression is often refereed as to stern though they have pretty friendly personality.

The Maine Coons are generally healthy cats, however they require a well-balanced diet to avoid issues with hips and joints. They also need space to play and exercise. Additionally, they should be combed twice a week at least.

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