Siberian Cat

A Siberian lack spotted tabby catOrigins
The first ever documented information about the Siberian cat appeared in a book of Harrison Weir named Our Cats and All About Them. They also were presented to the audience on the first ever cat show in 1871.
This cat breed is known for the remarkable appearance fitting its originating area – Siberia. Even though the Siberian Forest cats were known for a long time, it’s a rare breed with a number of fanciers concentrated mostly in Europe and Asia. Their recognition and popularization started in 1990.

The Siberian cats are intelligent, moderately playful and affectionate. Looking at these cats, you might think that they are harsh as their homelands, however, they are sweet balls of fur filled with energy.
They are moderately active and playful, some of them even like playing with water. Prepare some toys for your big boy or girl and enjoy their amazing personality.

Physical appearance
The Siberian is a large-size cat with thick legs and a gorgeous coat. Their body is long, the chest is wide, the legs are medium-length. The head is wedge-shaped and wide with rounded contours.
The coat is dense, waterproof and longhair, it comes in all colors and patterns. It’s waterprof

The Siberian cats are healthy in general, however, as any other cat they might have heart and bladder issues. They also need proper brushing on a daily basis preferably.

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