A champagne coated Tonkinese catOrigins
The Tonkinese or Tonks cat breed is the first cat breed developed in Canada. The cultivation and establishment of the breed started in 1960s when a litter of kittens was born from a pair of the Siamese and the Burmese cats. It took a few decades for the breed to be recognized worldwide and this is why.
As happened with many breeds with the Siamese roots, the Siamese breeders were always against new breeds as it created a competition and, surely, the breeders wanted to preserve the ancient Siamese breed.
The Tonkinese breeders kept their spirits high and worked hard on cultivation of the breed and preparing a standard for it. It was recognized in Canada in 1971 by CCA. However, it was just a beginning of their journey to the worldwide popularity and recognition.

The Tonkinese cats are highly affectionate. They like cuddling and snuggling, they will even demand it whenever they find it suitable. They want love from you and want to give their love to you, the best option will simply enjoy it.
The Tonks are also playful and energetic cats. They are true jokers and intelligent as well. This combinations makes them easy to train. Keep your cat busy and it will behave and show its best manners as it doesn’t like to be ignored.

Physical appearance
The Tonkinese is medium in size with roundish wedge-shaped head, moderately large ears. They look extremely balanced and close to a perfect definition of a cat: elegant and graceful.
They are shorthair cats. The coat is soft and silky, comes in a variety of colors and patterns. The most common, however, are colorpoint, solid and mink.

The Tonkinese cats have no breed specific health conditions thanks to selective breeding and wide gene pool. They might have crossed eyes though.
Tonks are easy to care. Their fur is short, sheds a little and need a weekly brushing only. You should also brush their teeth once a week and keep your home safe for this explorer.

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