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Moscow, Russian Federation



My cattery BIBIGON is registered in Cat Fanciers' Association. Baby Bibigon is from a fairy tale, the ancestors of cats of Singapore breed come from Southeast Asia, and Singapore of my cattery is from California (USA). ... When I worked in Silicon Valley, I accidentally saw photographs of Singapore on the Internet (oh! Those eyes! ...) and rushed to the exhibition to see this cat miracle “alive”. The miracle fell in love with itself immediately and unconditionally - even me, a “dog lover” indifferent to cats. And I began to cherish my new dream .... The dream did not come true right away, then, in the early 2000s, Singapore was still a rarity .... I continued to go to exhibitions and admire the little amazing short-haired "marmoset", so for myself I called these creatures, unlike other cats. Certainly, in order to love cats on a par with dogs, I needed something special! Singapore gave me not only a new hobby, but also a great friend and mentor Mette Mjanger. The wonderful affectionate Singapore from her cattery Fagervoll appeared in my house, came with me to Moscow and continues to delight me every day! I wish you a pleasant viewing of photos of my favorites!
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