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Krasnoyarsk, Russian Federation

Maine Coon


Our nursery MEGACUN is located in Krasnoyarsk and is officially registered in the MFA system. The cattery professionally breeds cats of the beautiful North American Maine Coon breed. The main direction of the nursery is obtaining and fixing in the offspring of the modern breed type, which meets the requirements of the breed standard as much as possible. Getting only healthy, strong, harmoniously developed offspring with a stable psyche and the true temperament of Maine Coon. The specific Kun character is a mandatory criterion when selecting producers in our nursery. We are working hard to identify pedigree genetic diseases and defects in our pets. Only healthy animals are allowed for breeding. Our cattery is small in order to be able to provide quality care and pay enough attention to each cat's soul, which is why we do not have many animals. Maine Coon's fascination with the breed occupies most of our lives. Our cats are surrounded by love and care and are full members of our family. Kittens grown for you are surrounded by love and care. Delivery assistance.
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