Baikal Rainbow

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Irkutsk, Russian Federation

Kurilian Bobtail

Винокурова Анна

They say the cat is at home, happiness is at home. Cats of the Kurilian Bobtail breed will not leave anyone indifferent. This is a small lynx, a brave hunter, a family doctor and a psychotherapist, as well as just a true friend. A rich rainbow of colors of the Kurilian Bobtail will satisfy the most incredible needs. In our cattery, in addition to the color, classic black marble, thanks to a competent breeding program, animals of rare golden and amber marble colors were obtained. These animals have a warm, apricot undercoat, they glow from the inside, like a small sun. Our cattery was founded in 2007. Since December 28, 2010, breeding in our cattery has been carried out in accordance with the breed standard adopted by WCF. The purpose of our breeding: - obtaining healthy offspring superior in type to their parents. We do not allow the cage of our pets. We keep exactly so many cats that they feel comfortable. Constant communication, attention, care and affection help us raise socially adapted animals. Our nursery provides qualified, comprehensive support to novice owners. We guarantee the authenticity of documents and the thoroughbred origin of our pets. All kittens are vaccinated by age. Buying kittens in our cattery can be sure that their kitten is obtained from parents who are really breeding valuable for the breed, and well grown, which means that it will grow into the animal that you dreamed about! We have done everything possible and depending on us - the choice is yours!