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Kyiv, Ukraine

American Curl


In the early summer of 2005, we are trying to find a kitten. American curl - a breed that immediately interested me! A unique character, very gentle, gentle, playful and inquisitive, they want to be close to the owner. It was fantastic that I found such a cat! And when I first saw this miracle - expressive eyes, curly ears, silky hair, fluffy tail and delicate peach color ... And when Lucky-Cleo calmly went hand in hand and mrrrr ... It's A DESTINY!. Lucky, our first American curl girl, very graceful, funny and intelligent, like a dog and very sociable. For a short time she became our super favorite. Lucky - a cat with a human face and almost human behavior .. First we take part in cat shows of our club "Rolandus Union Inernational" (RUI), then, a year later, 07.10.06 our own nursery of American curls, called "Curland" - The Lands of Curls was registered. :) American curl cats are the best cat breed in the world! ! "The American curl is a special breed. First of all, people only see their strange ears. Some people think they look cute, some think they look weird. Most people fall in love with curls because of their charming children's faces. But it's only after they start living together that they find the best part: the extremely gentle individuality of the American curl."
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