Diamantovuy Vsesvit

Dnipro, Ukraine

Bengal & Scottish Fold & Scottish Straight

Оксана Быкова

Our nursery is engaged in professional breeding of Scottish shorthair and half-legged cats (scotch Scottish fold, scotch Tape Strat-Scottish straight, Highland fold-Hailand fold and Highland stright-Hailand straight) various colors-from classical (blue, purple, black) to exclusive (Turtle van, Red Harletin, tabby, Favn, marble in different variations). All children are socially adapted, accustomed to the tray, natural feed and kogtetočke. Our kittens are educated in the atmosphere of love and affection-it is full the members of our great and friendly family. Every child is instilled in the rules of feline ethics. By buying the kitten from us, you will get a raised, affectionate and hand-made animal that will only delight you. In our kennel special attention is paid to the healthy growth of kittens, babies from birth get full-fledged food (beef, duck, pate for kittens, cheese, yogurt and vitamin) + dry premium feed. Every mother-cat from the moment of pregnancy is a veterinarian, and in the future this observation get her kids to move to a new home. The kittens are undergoing a course of de-helminization, a full course of vaccination and moving to a new house not earlier than 2-3 months. First time after acquiring a kitten, nursery guarantees a patronage. Any questions or just joy and achievements of kids we will be happy to share with you. At birth, all the kittens have the same straight ears and at the age of 3 weeks in the one they fall, and in others there are direct (so determined by fold and straight) and from this moment there is a possibility to book a kitten (deposit) and then your baby grows and is brought up by your preference. At the age of 2-3 months it is completely ready to move leaves his native home. Delivery of kittens is possible in Ukraine, Russia and all over the world. Nursery has been working since 2006 and registered at Regional Pedigree Feline Centre "Alice" (the first club of cat lovers in Ukraine) on the WCF system and has the number 29/2006.
Our cats
Bumer Biangelic Pussy Cat
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