Domusfelina Savannahs

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Kaunas, Lithuania



Our nurseries DOMUS FELINA (Latin. Cat House) are registered with TICA (International Cat Association). We breed exotic savannah domestic cats. We are located in the center of Europe, not far from the Baltic Sea, in Kaunas, in the heart of Lithuania. We breed savannahs because we love them very much. We think they are the most beautiful and the most wonderful cats. Only thanks to our breeding program and hard work we breed exotic kittens of the highest quality. All cats live in one place where people live and are fully socialized. We are very happy to participate in the breeding and development of the savannah breed and are very proud to have contributed to this wonderful breed. We've been keeping cats for about 20 years. When in 2002 we acquired a Russian blue cat, we became even more interested in different breeds, the life of kittens, exhibitions. Only now it is possible to realize the dream of childhood - to have a large exotic cat species thanks to the breeders of the world. It was a savannah. The first F2B savannah with a very high percentage of serval blood was in Lithuania in June 2007. This is the first savannah in Lithuania. It came from breeding grounds in Germany, the first breeding sites in Europe registered in TICA. His parents: a woman - the first SavanF F1 in Europe, which came from breeding sites in the U.S., one of the first to breed savannahs, man: F4 from Canada, very rare, because most savannah generations of F4 are infertile. Our expectations were met - it was really exotic.
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