Gentle Grace

St Petersburg, Russian Federation

British Shorthair & British Longhair & Scottish Fold & Scottish Straight


Our cattery is young enough and the story of his appearance: not different from the history of the emergence of other nurseries. It all began with the appearance of a blue Scottish cat. The kennel was registered in 2010 by the WCF in 2012 on FIFe system. Kennel «Gentle Grace» is engaged in breeding of amazing beauty and charm of cats of breed the Scottish Shorthair and British Shorthair. The main specialization of the nursery - firstly, it is silver, gold and bright brown tabby color, stain and marble. Second - shaded (chinchilla), ticked and Colorno (kolor- point), Colorno with white color. Our cattery is small, home-like, all our cats are full members of our family, move freely around the apartment. We do not keep animals in cages - come and find out for yourself.