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Vitebsk, Belarus

Kurilian Bobtail


The nursery is registered in the FIFe felinological system and breeds Russian native breed. "KURIL BOBTEYL". Kurilian Bobtail is a Russian native cat breed that lives on the Kuril Islands. The gray nature of the islands has left its mark on the formation of the appearance of the Kurilian Bobtail, whose formidable gaze of a forest hunter, powerful physique, sharply distinguishes it from all the previously known short-tailed cat breeds. The beauty and wildness of the uninhabited and natural corner of our country, as in a mirror imprinted in this breed. If you look at the bobtail not from the back, but from the front or the side, you will immediately notice the resemblance to a trot - its shape resembles this beast so much. The body of the bobtail is muscular, compact and short, but its growth is higher. After all, his legs are powerful and long, longer than that of a domestic cat. That is why the bobtail is the best jumper among all breeds of domestic cats and easily, without a start, “takes off” to a height inaccessible to ordinary cats. By the way, looking ahead, I will say that such jumping does not cause trouble to the owners - it is more than compensated by the intelligence and good manners characteristic of this breed. The main goal of the cattery is to obtain animals with a powerful skeleton that are as compliant as possible with the breed standard, genetic health and excellent character, to popularize this breed among cat lovers (and even “non-lovers”) by visiting exhibitions, as well as in the media, including the Internet. All our pets live with us in exceptional care and love. They are unique in their own way, each of them is a bright personality, with his own character and his own habits. And due to the fact that our nursery is small, we have the opportunity to pay enough attention to each of them, without depriving anyone. All our cats live with us, in the family, participate in our daily affairs and communicate with each other. Animals are regularly examined, vaccinated on time. On the pages of our site you can get acquainted with the wonderful breed - Kurilian Bobtail, see photos, learn about life and study the nature of the Kurilian Bobtail by visiting the "About the breed" section. And if you fall in love with this breed in the same way as it happened to me and decide to buy a Kurilian Bobtail, look in the section "selling kittens". We will be happy to help you choose the kitten of your dreams, which will give you all your tenderness and become a faithful, affectionate friend for many years to come! Good kittens of the Kurilian Bobtail are expensive, which is why people who find it difficult to pick up censorship epithets are tempted to take ordinary kittens and cut off their ponytails, and then sell them under the guise of an expensive elite Bobtail. In order not to encourage such horrors, do not buy Kurilian Bobtail anywhere - choose a kitten not in the subway passage and not at the Bird Market, but in nurseries dealing with thoroughbred cats. You will be able to see the parents, learn about their achievements in the show career, ask the breeder individually about each kitten that he liked, about his habits, character, and at any time get comprehensive advice on the care, nutrition and other aspects of the life of a feline child. Our kittens do not leave the house earlier than 12 weeks. At this point, they are fully vaccinated, socialized, accustomed to the tray and claw point. All kittens have a FIFe pedigree. Grace and beauty, Olympic calmness, pronounced “hunting” behavior are combined in kurbobiks with fantastic devotion to the owner. This lynx cat will be happy to be with you all the time. Russian native breeds are our pride, our heritage, a priceless diamond presented to us by nature itself. Our task is only its skillful cutting, respectful attitude and careful storage!
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