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Kharkiv, Ukraine



Welcome to the pages of the Kharkov kennel of Bengal Cats "Jaguar's Blood * UA", dedicated to the Bengal breed of cats. Our nursery is registered in the World Federation of Cats (WCF) No 15067-2017 and is a member of the Felnological Tribal Club "Suzirya" in the city of Kharkov no C 13-3342. The main purpose of our site is to promote one of the exotic breeds of cats-called Bengal. 10 years ago, in our country, Bengal cats were a real rarity, now Bengal became popular and very successful. Who of us do not want to sitting in the TV, daydreaming to stroke a miniature leopard, which at the same time does not exhibit the slightest aggression, but only sweetly murchit. Every year, Bengal cats with beautiful fertile data are becoming more and more. The demand for these cats is undeniable, although the prices are quite high. Work in terms of Bengal cats breeding is not easy, it is associated with high costs, which is only worth buying a good manufacturer for the nursery and so on. But we are absolutely not frightened, we are already sick of this breed and want to graduates of our kennel were the bright representatives of this exotic cats breed. Many people call Bengalov small pets, as in Preko Bengalov actually recorded wild animals. So in 1963, the American Jean Mill to bring a new breed of crossed wild Asian Leopard Cat (ALK) and home Black Cat, as a result the kitten was born, who inherited an exotic mother's color. After that, the work began on crossing animals and launching a new hybrid, breed-Bengal. Based on this data, many believe that the Bengal cat is aggressive and dangerous to humans, but it is not. Bengal have amazingly gentle and contact character. All they have inherited from their ancestors is their beauty, grace, intelligence, extreme perseverance and motility. Bengal-the most unique in the light of the CAT! And we want them to be valued and loved for being the ones that are-graceful, bright, intelligent, chic, and sociable.
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