King Solomon

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Minsk, Belarus

Abyssinian & Somali


Somali cat is a red cat in color. About the nature of Somali cats, people say that it is: "cat-dog." Somali breed is very contact, loving, devoid of aggression. Somali temperament is active, they sleep little and move a lot. Even adult Somali cats play like kittens. The Somali cat breed is real acrobats - they like to climb high, jump, run. Somalia is very intelligent, clean, and is the ideal home companion in the modern conditions of megacities. Caring for a Somali cat is minimal, its hair is half-long in length, without downy undercoat, so it does not need to be washed and combed often, it can easily cut its nails. After castration of a cat or sterilization of a cat, a sexually mature Somali cat does not mark, does not walk past the tray, does not plague the hosts with nightly concerts. On our website you can see photos of kittens, learn more about the Somali cat breed.
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