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Pavlograd, Ukraine

Scottish Fold & Scottish Straight

Алла Лысенко

Our domestic nursery of cats breeds Scottish Scottish fold (Scotch fold) and Scottish Prâmouhaâ (Scotch-straight) is located in Pavlograd, Dnepropetrovsk region. Pitomnik was officially registered in the International Association of CAT Lovers ROLANDUS UNION INTERNATIONAL (RUI), which works in close cooperation with THE CAT FANCIERS ASSOCIATION, INC. (CFA, USA) under Number 2393 and officially registered under the WCF system GERMANY (WORLD CAT FEDERATION) under Number 14011-2017. In order to properly engage in tribal work, I graduated from courses and received a diploma "instructors-feelnologists". In our nursery are selected the best representatives of Scottish breed known blood of Europe and Russia. The purpose of the nursery-getting the most consistent breed of cat. We do not contain our animals in cells, they are free to move in our home and feel our love for them, and we in turn get a lot of pleasure from communicating with them. Each of our pupils has a rare and exclusive coloring, a remarkable type and memorable eye color. Our pupils are not only tribal animals that regularly attend international exhibitions and bring offspring, and first of all they are our pets, which we love very much! All our animals undergo quarterly degelatization and annual vaccinations against such dangerous diseases as rabies, PANKLECOPENIII, Rhinotrachetis, Kalitvirus infection, Chlamydia, Dermatophyta (Microsporia and Trichophysis). Our pets eat only high-quality natural products and professional premium feed, which is a guarantee of health and good mood. Both long-haired and shorthair Scots are known to be very good-natured, gentle, affectionate cats, very focused on people and highly attached to their vladeltsam. The only breed of cats in which aggression is absent at the genetic level. They easily establish contact and appreciate the company of other domestic animals in the house, especially if all the human family members at work. These cats have a typical average level of activity. They are playful but not overly loud. Often want their owners also participated in the game and fun. The main specialization of our kennel-is the breeding of Scottish cats short-haired and long-haired (highland) such precious, rare and very spectacular colors as: -Serebristaya and Zolota Shynshila, -Chinchilla point with blue eyes, -Color-point with blue eyes, -Obeauty with White (bicolor, van, Harletin) and raznookrashnye eyes, -Turtle Coloring, -Paints with a pattern (silver tabby, marble on silver, etc.). If you are going to buy yourself a plush friend or tribal manufacturer, we invite you to the section selling kittens. Cats don't like the only one who hasn't met his cat!!! Dear Cat lovers, I hope that in our kennel you will definitely meet your little furry friend!
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