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Moscow, Russian Federation

Devon Rex


Kennel Devon Rex "On Kutuzovka" is the place where you can buy a kitten Devon Rex. The cattery has existed since 1999, registered in FIFE and WCF. Over the entire period of its existence, Devon Rex kittens, as well as kittens of other breeds of cats, which the cattery was engaged in breeding earlier, have opened for many people the bewitching world of cats that donate tenderness to their owners. Kittens Devon Rex, born in a nursery, now live not only in Russian cities, but also in the Baltic states, CIS, France, Italy. If you miss the world of fairy tales, take a look at Devon Rex, whose appearance will remind you of an elf or a little fairy. The presence of this almost fabulous creature will make you feel warmer. Have you been fascinated by Devon Rex? You can buy a magnificent kitten Devon Rex in the nursery "On Kutuzovka". Here you will find a friend, companion and a funny naughty person in the person of a Devon Rex kitten who will give you his love. All babies are grown with love, and this is the most important “ingredient” thanks to which they grow up healthy and friendly.
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