Neva Imperial

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Zaporizhia, Ukraine


Чакалова Юлия

We ask for "Neva "imperial" in the sling-dinnik. In 2017, the Rospldnik was established in the plem-felnolog center of the "Usl'd" in the city of the city of "WCF" (All-Federation of the Cat), WCF - the international federal, of the city of The City of The Federation. At the moment, there are 540 clubs in the United States, the wcf members of the WCF. "Neva Imperial" is a professional loan to the pleminbreds of the siberian masquerade to the sash of the squishy slob. To the foremen of our squirt, the healthy cats of the breeding type, the squirt, the thick sumkovis of the wool, the good-natured character. Our co-swine scans take a course of vaccines in the "confluenza" in the "nfex, brought to the highlander" and the horse, to bend the natural zjaya, the feeds of the super-premium classu. Mi nadamo advisory to our vitrioir in the recommendation of the harchuvann ta snake. Yakshko vi vir'sili bought a fancy-like cat, then wee for the address, get excited. You don't go to your vibor: you can't get a breed in the middle of a non-black-beauty fur coat, but a snout for the pink!