Royal Cats

Kyiv, Ukraine

Bengal & Chausie & Savannah & Scottish Fold & Scottish Straight


The historical "Royal Cats" nursery started in 2011, dispraising the Scottish basket and the present family Society of Kunic as a stone marten, a mural and home mink. In 2013, our heart was a Bengal cat, and a thank you for the new icon with the replacement breeder of the "luxury cats" and Felix Šeremetovoï, in our Stens there were primeval Bengal kittens. The Pytomnik was officially registered in 2013 at the CLK Golden Irbis, forgotten in 2015 in TICA. Our face became the youngest brother of the single drinter in Ukraine, where the most different breeds of a cat breed at peace, today we are engaged in developed these hybrids gunpowder Koshek, as Savannah, Chapas, Bengal, Scottish and British Shorthair Chinchilla. Our kittens live in all the world's Deals: America, Europe, Russia, China, Turkey, Indonesia, the Arab Emirates, etc. We represent the following breeds of Koshek as: ♔ SAVANNAH/SAVANNAH CAT-she is the same-mythical "cat Usher", Hybrid Serwala and homemade cats. ♔ CHAVAS/CHAUSIE-a hybrid jungle Keta and the Abbissinkoy cats. ♔ BENGAL/BENGAL CAT-Asian hybrid cat-leopard and homemade cat. ♔ SCOTTISH and BRITISH SHINSCILLA/Scottish and British short Chinchilla Elite cats, which are of high quality, will deliver to the country of the neighbor and far Zarbezhya!