Royal Symphony*UA

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Dnipro, Ukraine



THE ROYAL SYMPHONY is the first Thai cathouse in Ukraine to be registered with WCF in 2009. The nursery unites several people from two cities - Dnipro and Our names - Natalia Musiets, Sergei Beloborodko and the founder of the nursery - Evgeny Uder. Now we have only 10 Thai cats, and 7 of them are in breeding. In every house our Thais live as cherished family members, with great love and professional care. Just carefully we choose new homes for our Thai children. We follow the Thai WCF standard and breed cats with good health and balanced type. In the Royal Symphony we have the Thai color of the following colors: the point of printing, the blue dot, the point of the tabby seal, the dot of the blue tabby and the dot of chocolate, our cats combine the blood of famous nurseries from St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Germany. Our cats and columns, which live in different cities and countries, win almost all exhibitions, and we are proud of it and express gratitude to all breeders who have given us their beauty. Ever since we met our first Thai cats, they have become our eternal love. They brought us to cat shows, taught us in many ways and gave us the incomparable pleasure of communicating with the Thai laughter of a little deity.
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