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Armavir, Russian Federation

British Shorthair & Selkirk Rex


The British kitten from our cattery is not just a unique color, but also an impeccable pedigree of the best representatives of this breed. Winners of many exhibitions and competitions, golden cats always attract attention both with the color of their hair and with amazing green eyes. The lengthy selection process that allowed us to achieve such an amazing result, and at the moment is time-consuming and unpredictable Our cattery offers kittens: black gold shaded; black gold ticked; blue gold shaded; blue golden ticked. In addition to these colors, our cattery is also breeding other cats of unique colors, proud of their achievements in this field. For those who appreciate feline beauty, an unusual combination of colors and uniqueness, our short-haired kittens are the best you can see. Each of them, in addition to adapting to physiological rules, receives a sufficient degree of socialization, which is very important when kittens live in families with children, the formation of their character and habits. Support and advice from the best veterinary clinics, meetings with other breeders, exhibitions, competitions and many the victories of our pets indicate that the nursery carefully monitors the health and breed of their pets. When deciding to purchase a kitten, you need to determine the reasons that prompt such a step and based on this wow to choose a pet.
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