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Almaty, Kazakhstan

Scottish Fold & Scottish Straight


"Soft Dream" is a professional Scottish cat cattery. The nursery was founded in 2007 in Almaty (Kazakhstan), and since 2018, the nursery is located in Russia in the city of Samara. The cattery is monobreed, our only direction is Scottish fold cats - Scottish fold and Scottish straight, as well as their long-haired variation Highland fold (Scottish fold Longhair) and Highland straight (Scottish straight Longhair) . Cats of this breed have a soft character, affection, cute and childish expression of the face. They are affectionate, playful, loyal and excellent companions. Scottish folds are one of the most socialized cat breeds, they get along perfectly with children and other pets. The unusual charm of the Scottish breed is given by small ears pressed to the head, they are also the main breed-forming sign. The manufacturers of our nursery have been combining the lines of the leading nurseries of the CIS and the oldest American nurseries. The nursery is registered in the FARUS, TICA, WCF systems. Since 2017, the nursery is registered as an independent in the "FARUS" system The main task of the nursery is to obtain offspring with good health, balanced character, show temperament and as close as possible to the standard of this breed: - with a round head, -high rounded forehead, - small, tightly folded ears, - a flexible long tail, and a sweet expression on the face All kittens are sold to a new house no earlier than 12 weeks of age, fully vaccinated, accustomed to the tray, claw brush and fully socialized. The colors that our cattery works with are tortoiseshell, silver tabby, options with white (bicolors, harlequins, vans), as well as animals with differently colored and blue eyes Cats with small and tightly pressed ears to their heads, with a gullible gaze of wide-open round eyes, will not leave anyone indifferent and will definitely fall in love with themselves.
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