Sweet Shokobum

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Almaty, Kazakhstan

British Shorthair


My name is Tatyana. I am the owner of the Sweet Shokobum nursery in the sunny city of Almaty. Our cattery is registered at the Felina club according to the FARUS system. We are engaged in breeding of British cats of rare colors - cinnamon, faun, same variants in color and in rare color-point with white, work is also being done with bi- and tricolors. At the moment, it is planned to work on classic colors: lilac, blue, chocolate. All our pets have purebred lines in which the best bloods of famous nurseries are represented: Mühleneck, Grutholz, DARIN'S STYLE * RU, Scorpion's, Katrin's, FROM SHAM, Jarzebinowe. Our main task is to obtain healthy, strong, modern type of animals.