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Vilnius, Lithuania

Maine Coon


nursery Maine Udeiman if you are interested in kittens Maine, perhaps you will find this, dream come true and want! Since childhood I bred cats, the only animal that has always fascinated me with its independence, love, wisdom and understanding. They have always been, are and will be a part of my life, the light of the eyes and the refreshment of the soul. Why Maine Kun? I was fascinated by their size, volume, long falling fur, hair over the ears (like the lynx), large hairy paws, very long and plump tail. Am I wrong? Definitely not, I bought a wonderful, big, endlessly endearing first Maine in our family in October 2009, his name is Brossom, and soon there was a charming, energetic, big-eyed beautiful Arctic. Maine is the largest domestic breed of cats. Beautiful cats, extremely friendly, understanding, intelligent and playful. It's a real joy to have these teddy bears at home. They are lovingly flattered, constantly demanding your attention. Feels great among children, very patient and not threatening. They like human communication, where you cats are. They meet returning children from school and kindergarten waiting for me to return to the windowsills. Close acquaintance only enhances the fascination with this great breed and contributes to deepening, expanding knowledge that comes only through experience. The purpose of the nursery Maine CoonUde - to breed and breed the best representatives of the breed Maine-kun, to be interested in their standards, to attend exhibitions, seminars, choose and look for ways to further improve the appearance and temperament of this breed. The Maine-Kun "Udeiman" nursery was registered with WCF in 2010. January. The cattery is a member of the Association of Cat Lovers and Breeders.
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