Ветклиника Друг - Харьковская

Ветклиника Друг - Харьковская
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Kyiv, Ukraine
Ларисы Руденко, 11
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Poznyaki, Harkovska

24-hour Veterinary Clinic "FRIEND" was founded in 1996 in Kiev.
-reception on the record with the selection of the personal time for each patient.
-quality control of the medical process is carried out by the chief physician.
-Technical base consists of: ULTRASOUND-premium class devices in each clinic-they allow you to accurately diagnose the disease.
-X-ray apparatus is available in every our clinic. Twenty-four-hour work of the machine does not require waiting for radiologist
-it is possible to conduct computer and magnetic resonance tomography.
-Operational are equipped with all necessary equipment for conducting the most complex operations.
-analyses of your animals are made by automatic biochemical and haematalysers, which guarantees their accuracy. The results will be sent to customers on their emails.
-The presence of hospitals large area, equipped with heaters, ventilation and air conditioning.
-Dog Hospital is separate from the feline. Bypass the hospital and replenishment of water-bowls every hour.
-The presence of the insulator allows separate animals with detected skin diseases.
-aviaries for dogs and cats space, after each animal is disattached.
-In each clinic a general cleaning with disinfectant is carried out.