Зоо Доктор - Лесной массив

Зоо Доктор - Лесной массив
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Kyiv, Ukraine
Лесной проспект, 39а

In our veterinary clinic there are promotional offers and low prices. We offer a wide range of veterinary services. Admission is conducted by high-profile specialists.

Services & Prices
* Prices and services are subject to change and are published for information purposes only.
Кастрация кота 500.00UAH
Стерилизация кошки 800.00UAH
Снятие зубного камня from 150.00UAH
ЭКГ 120.00UAH
Биохимический анализ крови 200.00UAH
Гигиеническая стрижка from 250.00UAH