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8 зайцев
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Kyiv, Ukraine
Героев Сталинграда, 13а

In Eight Hares you will get veterinary help around the clock and, most importantly, qualitatively!

Services & Prices
* Prices and services are subject to change and are published for information purposes only.
Вызов ветеринарного врача на дом from 350.00UAH
Вакцинация from 250.00UAH
Кастрация кота from 450.00UAH
Стерилизация кошки from 850.00UAH
Стерилизация суки from 1200.00UAH
Кастрация кобеля from 850.00UAH
УЗИ from 200.00UAH
Гигиеническая стрижка from 150.00UAH